black tea

part of possessions serie (#1)


short cut version.

Gallery Kurt im Hirsch

25min, December 2013


After a terrible sawage demage in my flat I had to leave and move out within 24 hours. So I found myself in a quite uncomfortable situation to choose what can be important to have during next 2 month… in a foreign place to stay.  I normally drink coffee, but somehow a big box of black tea appeared in the new place.

Before this „shit storm“ flooded my flat, I confirmed to show a new performance in gallery Kurt in Hirsch.

So, I choose some object from my personal belongings to create a performance,…


This performance is dedicated to performance artist BBB Johannes Deimling and his piece „i can’t, i can’t [what’s in my head #9]

(…because of the boiling water idea…)

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