blümerant, blauverschiebung No. 2, gallery KUB², Leipzig

Water drops from the ceiling onto the metal plate. On the side of the iron beam are 20 liters of potting compost and garden scissors installed.
I enter the room with a flowerpot and a yellow flower bush in my hands. I put the pot onto the tray. I cut the flowers after and after. I hide my head behind the bush. Because of this strange position my heels slap rhythmical against the stone floor. I stick the pieces I have cut into the space between the metal columns.
I put the empty flowerpot onto the floor. I take the potting compost and stick the whole earth into one of my transparent knee-length sock. I rub my leg like creaming the skin with body milk.
When the whole measure is finished I go back to the tray and throw my leg over. I stick the cut flowers into the sock and leave the room when all flowers are sticking in my sock.

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