Cinderella, trashic, Freie Kunstakademie Köln, Köln

Golden glitter slowly snows down on my head out of one of the bottles. I wear a dress of 40 white socks. In the middle of the circle lay 2 stones, 1 pipe and a cream tin.
I start to cream my body with glittering gel: my hair, my face, legs and arms until the tin is empty. Under my naked feed I tape 2 stones. I take one pair socks from my dress and cover them over the stones.
I take a glass of liquid; collect the liquid in my mouth spit it into the empty socks. I step on the glass, smash it, take the splits and stick them onto my head. I take the next glass and repeat the actions.
At the end I take the empty glass from the middle and squeeze the socks. I take the now filled glass and give it to someone in the audience.

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